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Our Team

Dr. Michael Regan

BA, Central Connecticut State University
SYC, MS, Southern Connecticut State University
PhD, M.Phil, Teachers College, Columbia University

Dr. Regan is a nationally certified school psychologist and consultant with more than 30 years of public school experience, including bilingual teacher, bilingual school psychologist, Director of Pupil Services, and Director of Special Education.  He holds a M. Phil. and Ph.D. from Columbia University in school psychology with specialization in pediatric neuropsychology, a M.S. and 6th Year Professional Certificate in school psychology from Southern Connecticut State University. Dr. Regan has been a member of advisory boards for multiple state initiatives and guidelines development. He holds the rank of Associate Professor of the Practice in School Psychology at Fairfield University. 

Dr. Eric Colón-Rodríguez

BA, University of Puerto Rico
MS, University of Hartford
PhD, The Pennsylvania State University 

Dr. Colón-Rodríguez is a consultant with more than 30 years of public school experience as a teacher, school psychologist, and special education administrator.  He holds a Ph.D. in school psychology from The Pennsylvania State University and a M.S. in Education in bilingual special education from the University of Hartford. Dr. Colón-Rodríguez specializes in the areas of assessment of culturally and linguistically diverse students and special education and pupil services leadership.  He has served as a bilingual regular education teacher, bilingual school psychologist, Supervisor of Special Education, and Director of School Psychology & Special Education Due Process.

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