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for the School Psychologist

Our consultants provide school psychologists with direct access to high-quality support through individual clinical supervision, coaching, peer-mentoring, group supervision, and professional development to improve learning outcomes for students through enhanced service delivery. 

Why the need?

It would be impossible for any administrator to have content expertise in the varying practice domains of school psychology. This creates a challenge if an administrator does not have an understanding of best practice in the field as a basis for evaluation.  This also creates a dilemma for the administrator looking to find support for the school psychologist who is struggling to meet professional performance standards.

What services are offered?

Using a professional growth model, our overarching goal is to build capacity within the school district that supports high-quality school psychological service delivery.  We do this by providing:

  • Clinical supervision for the individual practitioner.

  • Coaching, peer mentoring, and/or group supervision as a viable means of ensuring sufficient opportunities for professional growth and development.

  • Professional development in various topics such as ethical issues and implementation of best practices.

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